improving all of my body functions

Eric Newberg is a Godsend. I visited him regularly for Acupuncture
treatments for my severe Fibromyalgia. He gave me specialized, in-depth
treatments that were healing my condition and improving all of my body
functions. Eric is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable and is a true
healer! I looked forward to my weekly visits with him more than

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Felt better and slept better

I am very satisfied with the series of acupuncture treatments provided by Monica Mathews LAc. I used acupuncture to alleviate the stress of my work demands and to improve my high blood pressure. Two therapies were used, acupuncture and microcurrent. Every time, I not only felt better and slept better, but performed at a level that was more effective and

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Thrilled with the results

Ms. Mathews is knowledgeable, gentle, professional and generous with her time (you never feel rushed). I use acupuncture for facial rejuvenation. I am thrilled with the results and can actually see a difference (and so does my husband). The treatment has secondary benefits including increased energy and focus. I think this is the best treat I give myself.


treatments helped me feel better than I imagined

Monica Mathews immediately made me feel comfortable. She did a series of acupuncture treatments on me over a few weeks, and the treatments helped me feel better than I imagined. Anyone looking for a fantastic acupuncturist should visit Monica, especially first-timers. Professional and makes client very comfortable…and great location.


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