Needle-Free Acupuncture Treatments

We offer the following needle-free acupuncture therapies:

  • Medical Qi Gong is a TCM non-needle treatment in which the practitioner uses gentle healing touch on or near a patient’s body   to promote healthy qi flow and improve overall health.  During a Medical Qi Gong session, the patient is in a relaxed seated or reclining position. The Medical Qi Gong practitioner assists in balancing and directing the patient’s qi circulation, assessing and clearing areas of blocked qi. After this relaxing, energy balancing treatment, the patient is shown simple Qi Gong exercises that can be done at home. Medical Qi Gong exercises address a patient’s current health issues and help to fortify the patient’s overall health during each season of the year.
  • Additional needle-free therapies that may be used used during an acupuncture session are cold laser therapy, cupping, acupressure pellets, electrical stimulation,  and tui na massage.