About Us

Eric Newberg, Licensed Acupuncturist
Monica Mathews, Licensed Acupuncturist

DSC00034Our Qi Flow Acupuncture office is located at the Blossom Business Center in Rochester NY.  At our Rochester NY acupuncture clinic, we offer traditional acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, microcurrent facial rejuvenation with acupuncture, tui na, cupping, cold laser therapy, and Chinese herbs. We use integrated acupuncture therapies for pain relief, illness, stress management and facial rejuvenation.

Our clinic facilities include a choice of private rooms, and a group room where treatments are available at a reduced fee.

We are NYS licensed acupuncturists who graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego with Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. We completed acupuncture internships in hospice care, clinical care for the homeless, and treatment of orthopedic injury. Eric also worked for three years as a volunteer with the Holistic Aids Response Project (HARP) in San Diego, California.

We have studied traditional Chinese medicine in China, worked as cruise line acupuncturists and educational lecturers, and have been acupuncturists in clinical practice since 2005.

Our goals are: 1) to offer affordable, comprehensive acupuncture treatments in our private and group treatment rooms, and 2) to return the body to good health by balancing and enhancing the circulation of qi (the body’s vital energy). Obstruction of the movement of qi from illness, injury, stress, overwork, sedentary lifestyle, or unhealthy diet can cause physical or emotional dysfunction and pain. When the movement of qi is flowing and balanced, it opens the pathway to vibrant health.